The Web

I loved myself.

I loved my hair,

My body,


I loved the way I cared,

The way my mother taught me.

I looked at the mirror happy

With what I saw

Flashed a pearly smile

Didn’t want anymore.

Loved how I lived

The plants and trees

In my heart I held dear,

My family, friends and pets

Kept my heart from fear.

But there was a darkness

A poison that lurked behind

One I didn’t see

Never jumped out at me

But kept it’s distance

Knowing my weakness

Watching my stillness

Somehow made me cry.

You see, I see a pool online

A pool of happiness

Everything is divine.

So many happy faces

Extravagant places

Picture perfect bodies

Photogenic smiles

Surrounded by so many people

They all call “friends”

All except for I.

But to let you know

I have travelled the world

More places you can imagine

Tried more foods

Than there are pictures

I just don’t flaunt it like the rest.

Sometimes I just lay in bed

Wishing my life was on the web

And people can see

How happy I am

Everyday, the beauty in me

Until I start scrolling

Through Instagram.

-Kitty Leahy

Sad days

The delicate egg rolled off of the table and cracked

All that was, was the mess that remained

Happiness lacked

Life was stained

Sad feelings obtained

Personality vain

So much pain

Dancing in the rain

And being comfortable in the storm

Letting myself be washed away.

-K. L.

First Love

I need to scream, or cry, or drink more.

Maybe laugh, and smile too.

Dig right through to the core.

But I can’t do any of this because I’m thinking of you.

Is writing healing me

Or is it just putting salt on the wound?

We were to be together you made me believe

But without saying, you left too soon.

I cried a lot that night.

Went out partying and kissed some guys

Got myself up as high as a kite.

You came and shot me right down with your lies.

Actually with the truth that you told

That revealed meaning to your previous words

Has left me feeling fragile and cold.

I really thought you would have been my first.


I’m sorry but carve what?
Carve our initials in a tree?
That sounds like what you call “a lot”.
How do I show you something I know you won’t see?
I will carve my love for you right in front of your eyes
On that cold stone wall which you clearly can’t see I’m the other side.
What am I to do to show you I am your prize?
How do I make your heart race, cheeks blush as well as your tongue tied?
My love, is our love lost?
My love, what is lost can always be found.
But, also having to remember that everything comes at a cost.
You once gave me a pink ribbion assuring me,
“My Love, ours will always be bound.”
I will carve our initials into that tree
I will carve my love for you into that stone.
Helping you remember what is real love
Speaking to you in that soft tone voice that I own
And we’ll both see one more white dove
All because you first carved our names in our tree.

Your Love,

– Kitty Leahy
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Dream on

Blue sky

Pink clouds,

Black tie

White gowns,

Love that we thought we had

Nothing but in our own imaginative minds.

The fulfilling yet hollow feeling that drove us mad

Each other was it or ourselves we had to find?

Was it the film The Titanic that made me feel this way?

Or maybe it is because I read Julliet and Romeo?

As Shakespeare said, “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?”

I answer, “please, no.”

-K. L

A poem by Me.

All I have to write is a pink blunt pencil

No words or letters to stencil

Real thoughts that become physical and expressed

What many desire

Heard to be heard

Like the rest

Of which that live in the past

Best left to as dust

Is to dust as ashes is to ashes,

Adam and Eve

To please oneself

Eating a fruit from the tree

Exposing the truth one not believed


Only to be.

-Kitty Leahy

Skin me

I scratch myself. A lot.

It hurts. And i keep scratching
Until eventually I’ve scratched
So much that i can’t
Feel the pain but instead
It’s numb and soothing.
Now my arms are bleeding
my legs are red
And you can barely see the true colour
Of my hands because they are dry, and cracked and they sting.
Oh the BURNING PAIN I feel when water touches my delicate, abused skin.

But I hope you realise that what you see on the outside, is exactly what’s going on inside.

I have a chest, hidden, buried inside
And everytime I try, it’s impossible to confide.
This chest is buried so deep
Even I have a secret from myself that I keep.
And slowly, it creeps from deep within
Making it’s way right up to my skin.
And I have the proof, i have the brand
You can see if you look at my hands.

-Kitty Leahy

In sense,

Mum: I don’t want you having incense in your room, you will die of an asthma attack from it.

Me: But at least I will die calm and enlightened.

Thanks mum for the incense this year xox

-Kitty Leahy

Whole Soul Warmth

As the water flows gently on top of and past the rocks,
As the trees lightly sway,
As you inhale the cool air,
Breathe out warmth onto my hands
Because you provide heat for me
And my body glows in the dark
Because of it,
Your gentle breath creates the larger flame
That burns when we kiss.
In the cooler months my skin is ice blue
And yours is warm red
And you still love me
And I’ll always be in love with you.

-Kitty Leahy