I’m sorry but carve what?
Carve our initials in a tree?
That sounds like what you call “a lot”.
How do I show you something I know you won’t see?
I will carve my love for you right in front of your eyes
On that cold stone wall which you clearly can’t see I’m the other side.
What am I to do to show you I am your prize?
How do I make your heart race, cheeks blush as well as your tongue tied?
My love, is our love lost?
My love, what is lost can always be found.
But, also having to remember that everything comes at a cost.
You once gave me a pink ribbion assuring me,
“My Love, ours will always be bound.”
I will carve our initials into that tree
I will carve my love for you into that stone.
Helping you remember what is real love
Speaking to you in that soft tone voice that I own
And we’ll both see one more white dove
All because you first carved our names in our tree.

Your Love,

– Kitty Leahy
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